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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much do a Video Production Cost

The cost is dependent upon the scale of the project. We offer our clients a free consultation to discuss their requirements. A simple one camera, one day shoots can cost as little as 15,000 THB, whereas multi-camera productions shot over several days and requiring actors, extra crew member and special locations obviously cost more.

What is the First Step to Starting a Video Production?

We begin with a consultation. During the consultation we ask a series of question to get a better understanding of the client’s expectations and vision. We then advise how to move forward based on budget and client vision.

What Equipment Do You Use?

Digital Distinct uses a variety of cameras, depending on the project. We shoot everything in high definition, even if clients want their project delivered in standard definition.

Will You Travel If Necessary?

We will travel. Digital Distinct perform productions in all countries around the whole world. Travel terms will be discussed during the contract phase.

How Long Will it Take to Receive my Project?

Every project is different. Delivery time is dependent on the scope and scale of the project. We are famous for a quick turnaround without ever compromising on quality.

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