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Everything we do has a single, unifying objective: to set your business apart. Digital Distinct is located in Bangkok, Thailand and we are a creative agency that enjoys a vibrant reputation for our quality work. We work with international companies as well as local business of all sizes. We deliver powerful and effective business solutions with reasonable prices that deliver real value and a return of business for your investment.

You, the business owner, vendor or artist no longer decides who will listen to your message. People are switching away from the old messaging signals of advertising and one sided look-at-me tactics. Sure you can shout, but it isn’t going to get you very far. Stop simply broadcasting and start a conversation.

That’s why we strive to get your unique message across and create a position for your brand in the market place. We strive to find and build an audience that wants to hear from you. We strive to make it easy for people to spread the word about you. We strive to create something that people want to talk about. When we achieved that we have succeeded.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity

  • Promotional Design
  • Advertising

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“Find your voice. Inspire others to find their voice”

-Stephen Covey

Logo Design

“Find your voice. Inspire others to find their voice.”

Making a first impression starts with your logo design; it’s the heart and face of your brand. We’ll work together with you and create a logo that is fresh, innovative and communicates what you want your brand to stand for but, and more importantly, what your audience wants to hear.

  • Symbol Logos
  • Wordmark Logos
  • Letter Mark

  • Combination Mark
  • Emblem Logos

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Brand Identity

“Find and build an audience that wants to hear from you.”

Your brand should have an impact, be memorable and easily recognized. To do that we need to identify what the people want to hear from you. We build a visual framework with style guidelines to ensure that your corporate image is cohesive and consistent, we look at logos and taglines so the overall design seamlessly works together.

  • Corporate Branding
  • Cause Branding
  • Employee Branding

  • Co Branding
  • Community Branding
  • Culture Branding
  • Spirit Branding

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Brand Identity

Promotional Design

“Create something people want to talk about”

Successful promotional design is essential for every business, but the hard reality is that it’s easier said then done. The heart of every successful promotion is graphic design that understands your company, your customers and your objectives, by creating something people want to talk about and share. When we have that we have accomplished a good promotion is beneficial to your business.

  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Promotional Apparel

  • Creative Direction
  • Project Management

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Who we work with

Digital Distinct is a creative agency and we have worked with hundreds of clients through out the years. Here are a few examples from a verity of different industries