Movies That Have Been Produced in Thailand

Movies That Have Been Produced in Thailand

With its rich culture and stunning scenery, Thailand makes the perfect setting for various different types of movies. While a large number of movies have been made in Thailand that focus on the history and culture of the country, others use Thailand as a backdrop for weird and wacky adventures. Here are some of the most memorable movies that have been produced in Thailand.

The Beach

This movie perfectly captures the stunning natural beauty of Thailand as well as the way in which modernisation and tourism are starting to eat away at the country. The main shots of The Beach were shot on the tiny stretch of sand at Maya Bay close to Koh Phi Phi. Other location shots were filmed in Bangkok and Phuket, while Khao Yai National Park is the location for the famous waterfall scene.

With its rich culture and stunning scenery, Thailand makes the perfect setting for various different types of movies.

The Hangover 2

This light hearted comedy was produced mainly in Thailand and covers many areas of the country. The characters visit iconic destinations such as Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy, the Lebua hotel and the Chao Phraya River as well as Lopburi and Phuket. The movie showcases both the decadent and seedier sides of Thailand in a memorable way that keeps movie goers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The Impossible

This movie was filmed on the islands of Phuket, Krabi and Koh Lak and recreates the devastation of the 2004 tsunami. The movie stars Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor as a family who are enjoying a family vacation when the tsunami hits. As the family are separated, they struggle to survive and find each other again. The movie is a touching and realistic look at the trauma that many people faced during the tsunami.

Bangkok Dangerous

This movie starring Nick Cage is a reproduction of the original Thai movie that was filmed and produced in the year 2000. The original movie stars an entirely Thai cast and was produced in the movie studios in Bangkok. the movie stars Pawarith Monkolpisit as a deaf and mute hit man who forms a relationship with a young woman that works in a pharmacy. The new relationship makes the hit man question his life and features a series of interesting flashbacks that show how his path was chosen for him.

The Man With The Golden Gun

This 1974 movie really helped to put Thailand on the tourist map. The movie stars Roger Moore as the daring 007. Some of the scenes from the movie that present interesting aspects of Thailand include a high speed boat chase through a floating market and scenes shot on Phuket. one of the islands that was used to film scenes has become so closely linked with the movie that it is now called James Bond Island and is a major tourist destination.

Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason

This movie was mostly filmed on Phuket and stars Renée Zellweger, who is tricked into smuggling drugs and taken to the infamous prison known as Bangkok Hilton.


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